"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27
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Our Story

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Come along with me on my journeys of adoption through foster care. I am sharing my experiences with the world so that others may be inspired to be a Forever Family for a Waiting Child.

***Disclaimer:  Please note that although all information is true, I will be using fictitious names or nicknames for my family and foster children for legal and privacy reasons. Also, we are not professionals in the field of foster care or adoption, and don't claim to give any legal advice.  Any decisions you make about foster care or adoption after reading our blog or our comments or email/chat are yours alone and no responsibility of this site or its authors/owners.*** Now on to Our Story

My dream of adopting a child started a long time ago. I was a young child about the age of 5 when I begged my mother to adopt a brother into our family. The answer was no, but I continued to ask even as a teenager. The answer was always the same.
Time went on, and I married my wonderful husband, Big Daddy, and we had 3 biological sons in our then 12 years of marriage. (Now happily married for 22 years.) They lovingly dubbed me The Queen Mama a few years back, and since the nicknames stuck, I have decided to use them on my Blog.
At the time of our decision to adopt, my bio children were the following ages: The Champ-age 11, The Rock Star-age 9, and Little Big Man-age 5, all boys, and they are great kids. When Little Big Man turned 4, I started feeling baby pangs again.  I tried to push them aside, knowing we were unable to have anymore biological children.  But an overwhelming feeling kept growing in my heart.  I prayed, asking God for contentment, but the feeling got only stronger.  I felt an incredible urge to add to our family.  My mind quickly turned to adoption. I started looking at adoption websites of domestic adoption of babies. We researched the costs and realized it would be very expensive and the wait could be long. I then looked into foster adoption, visiting websites with pictures of waiting children. The faces of these children who were in this situation by no doing of their own immediately tugged at my heartstrings. The groups of six siblings or more haunted my dreams. I felt God in my heart, urging me to speak with my husband about adoption.  

Big Daddy was not so interested in adoption. He wasn't sure he could love a child that was not of his own blood the way he loved his own biological children.   I urged him to look at these websites with me and pray about it before he made a decision, and he too, felt instant compassion for these children and agreed to open his home and his heart to a waiting child. We decided that since God had blessed us with 3 beautiful boys, we would love to add a daughter to the family.
And so, in August of 2007, we contacted our local county children and youth agency, and inquired about foster adoption. We filled out tons of paperwork, got our clearances, and then had our training and home study in October.
We prayed with prayer partners at our church to ask God to prepare our hearts , and to send us whatever child or children he felt needed us the most.  We then embarked on our incredible, amazing journey that led us to our most beautiful little princess!

*~*We adopted our darling daughters in 2009 and 2013.*~*  You can read all about our journey to their adoptions on this site in the archives.

I welcome all comments and questions,  and can't wait to hear from you... I pray for you if you are on this same journey, or are just curious about foster care or adoption..
You can email me at fosteradoptionmommy@gmail.com
The Queen Mama
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