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Monday, January 28, 2013

Visits Almost Over!

Haven't posted in awhile, because it's been a relatively quiet month.  Bio Mom has set up 3 visits with Sweet Pea in January and canceled every single one of them.  Just got a request for another visit.  Caseworker told me after this visit (if bio Mom shows) she will be permitted one more final good-bye visit.  I am curious whether she will show for either, whether she will complain that she wants more visits until her termination date in a month, and whether she will confront me about post adoption contact.  She has only seen Sweet Pea about 10 times in her almost 14 months of life.  Being a foster adoption parent, at least from my perspective, is really, really hard sometimes.  My emotions are so torn-I am so happy for me that visits are stopping and we are moving to my little Sweet Pea becoming part of our forever family....yet , as a decent Christian human being, also feel a tug at my heartstrings for bio Mom, who no matter how unfit to parent, will have to say good-bye to her children soon.  As a parent myself, I would be devastated.  I truly pray that bio Mom is able to defeat all the demons in her life, and go on to be happy and productive. 
Blessings to you,
The Queen Mama

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