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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bio Dad's Termination Hearing Just Days Away~Nervous!!

The termination hearing is just days away.  Caseworker called me today to tell me that Dad will probably appeal if his rights are terminated.  It could be months longer...Caseworker, GAL, and Attorney feel the case is a no brainer.  I do too, however, as a pre-adoptive foster parent, you know crazy things can happen.  Rulings can be delayed, or given contrary to popular opinion.  I sit here looking at my Sweet Pea whom I brought home from the hospital, and the thought of her leaving our family makes my heart hurt and my stomach sick.  I am praying that God sees fit that she stay here with us.  As Bio Mom broke off her relationship with Bio Dad and signed her rights away, I think Dad is grasping to hold on to what he feels is his.  I know his mother, who is an alcoholic and convicted thief, is encouraging him to do so, even though he has not made any effort whatsoever since Sweet Pea was born to see her or communicate with her.  I know my family would do the same, so I do not hold ill will toward them.  I just pray that the judge rules as to what is best for this child, which is a safe, loving, stable, non-addictive, criminal-free home. 
Blessings to you as well, wherever you may be in your journey.
The Queen Mama

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