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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Still No Termination Ruling!

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend and still no termination ruling for bio dad.  It's been about a month.  The caseworker is wondering the outcome as well so the case can move forward, and said she may contact the judge personally instead of waiting for the answer to come down through the paperwork trail.  On another interesting note, the bio mom's lawyer called me a few days ago wanting to know if I would agree to a post adoption contact agreement.  He hadn't even spoken with bio mom at all about it, but I know she wants visitation, so I told him NO to visitation (bio mom has no bond with baby-we brought her home directly from the hospital at birth, and bio mom has had very little visitation -by her own choice.  She is also a drug addict and a convicted criminal.)  I did, however, tell him we would consider letters and possibly pictures.  This becomes a court ordered agreement, enforceable by the courts. 
So, today I will focus on being thankful for the many veterans in my family (my husband, stepdad, brother-in-law uncle,), and remember the many vets in my family and this nation who have passed on (grandfather, husband's grandfather, and many more), who gave their time and sometimes lives for my freedoms in this country.  I will count all our blessings, and give my worry up to the Lord.
May you be blessed,
The Queen Mama

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