"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Emotions Run High in the Courtroom

Well friends, I have told you before that the journey of foster to adoption or just plain fostering is not always sunshine and roses.  There are lots of ups and downs and crazy moments.  We had the detainment court hearing for Cutie Patootie today (that's what I'm calling her for anonymity and she IS a cutie patootie!) Well, I never actually made it to the hearing.  I was dismissed along with Cutie Patootie because I had the other 2 little ones with me, and the hearing was being delayed til later in the day. Big Daddy couldn't get off work, and I was left with no sitter on such short notice.  The caseworker didn't want me to have to wait for hours with the little ones.
  I met the grandparents who were nice, and also a family friend who they referred to as Aunt so and so,  and Mom and her boyfriend, who were both late to the hearing.    Mom said she was glad to meet and talk to me because, you know, foster parents are bad.  I assured her we had been foster parents (resource parents my agency calls us) for 5 years and would take good care of her child. She told me I seemed sweet, but really wanted her daughter to go back to her Mom and Dad's.  I told her I totally understand, and our goal is to keep families together.  I am just a helper in the situation.

 Mom is an addict and grandparents violated the safety plan-which involves Mom.  To make a long story short, when caseworker let us go, everyone erupted into shouts and tears.  They all thought Cutie Patootie was going home with grandparents again, but that was not the case.  Caseworker grabbed Cutie and I the other kids and started up the long staircase.  Mom ran after us screaming and crying.  As a Mom, I felt her pain, but she and her family have made poor choices to get to this point.  Caseworker very firmly told her to go back to the waiting room, that the judge was aware of what was going on.  She continued screaming for a bit, then complied.  I did not hear back from the caseworker, so I am assuming Cutie Patootie will stay with us for a little bit, anyway.

So, another family to pray for, another child to pray for.  And if you wouldn't mind, you could throw in a prayer or two for Queen Mama's family.  By the Grace of God go I.

The Queen Mama


  1. Wow...so much going on! Must be exciting to have another little one in the house though! We're still waiting for placements and are enjoying reading your story!

  2. Thanks Rachel! It's always somewhat of an adjustment when a new child enters the home, but it is exciting! God Bless!