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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foster Sibling Rivalry

Well, we have had Cutie Patootie in our home for exactly two weeks now.  She is 2 1/2.  Princess is 4 1/2.  The first week went pretty well, as far as Cutie and Princess getting along.  However, as this week progresses, Princess is finding it more and more difficult to be nice to, share, play, or be in the same room as Cutie.  She knows not to touch her, which she hasn't, but doesn't want to let her touch her toys, even though she wants to play with her.  This is all normal, but fairly new for us, as Princess has always liked the other children placed with us.  They have all been much younger, though, and did not threaten her "place" in the family, with the exception of one older child, whom Princess thought was great.  Princess goes back and forth from liking Cutie and glad she has someone to play with to describing her as a baby.

So, now The Queen Mama is feeling guilt for making Princess uncomfortable, and is very busy trying to make Cutie feel at home and welcome and making up for the attitude of Princess.  But I know in the long run, we are doing a good thing.  I know Princess will come around.  Cutie has been assigned to her grandparents every weekend, which will be good for her and them, but will make the transition back to our home during the week more difficult for her and Princess.  Well, I am giving it all up to the Lord-it's how I keep my sanity!
The Queen Mama

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