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Friday, August 31, 2012

Breaking News~Bio Parents Found

Sweet Pea's bio parents have been missing~Bio Dad escaped house arrest 4 months ago, and Bio Mom skipped town while on probation a little less than 4 months ago.  I was informed yesterday by caseworker that they were both apprehended and are incarcerated.  Bio Dad should be going away for quite a few years, as he accumulated more charges while on the run.  Bio Mom should be out in a few months.  But, her lawyer indicated she may be willing to sign consent to adoption for all of her children.  In other words, she may voluntarily terminate her own parental rights. This has got to be THE most heart wrenching decision for a parent to make.  If she does not sign her rights away, the agency will file for termination of her rights, and a court hearing will ensue with the Judge making the decision. Bio Dad's rights are already in the process of being terminated for aggravated circumstances (abandonment for 6 months or more).
Now don't get me wrong, as a foster parent, I always hope and pray that the bio parents will get their lives together and be awarded custody of their children.  However, as a foster adoptive parent, as in this case, I truly feel, no.....make that, I truly KNOW that these parents are unable to parent their children.  (and Bio Dad is only the father of Sweet Pea-not the other children).  They abandoned their children.  Walked away.  Chose drugs and a life of crime. Severe mental health issues that result in being a danger to themselves and others.  So, dear readers, I again put this case, this child, in the hands of God and pray he chooses to keep this baby girl in a stable, loving family environment. 
Many blessings to you on your journey,
The Queen Mama

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