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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bio Mom Signed Consent Today!

Bio Mom signed consent to adoption today.  That means she signed away her parental rights to our adorable little baby girl Sweet Pea.  I am overjoyed for our family, but at the same time saddened for Mom.  Adoption is a Celebration, but also a loss.  A loss for the bio parents, as  well as a loss of biological parents for the child.  Not that adoptive parents don't match up to bio parents-but in a perfect world, all children would live happily ever after in their safe, loving, bio families.
Bio Mom had a visit with Sweet Pea today for two hours.  She didn't say anything to me except how much food Sweet Pea ate and that she didn't drink her bottle.  When I was leaving, she said thank you twice.  That was it.  Caseworker stopped me in the parking lot and said her lawyer was meeting her there and she was signing after I left.  I just got the call that she signed.  I did ask the caseworker to ask Bio Mom if I could take a picture of her and Sweet Pea for her Lifebook.  She said she didn't mind, but not today, because she didn't like what she was wearing or how her hair looked.  I told her that is okay.  But, now it is likely I will never have a picture of her or them together.
So, now Mom has 30 days to appeal her decision.  After that, the consent papers will be filed with the courts and onto adoption we move.  I am so grateful to God the Father right now, tears are streaming down my cheeks as I type.  I still pray that Mom and Dad are able to overcome the problems in their life, and be happy and productive.
Blessings to you wherever your journey may lead  you!
The Queen Mama

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