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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bio Mom Changes Visit Date~AGAIN!

Okay. Tell me why, when part of the bio parents' goal plan is to be responsible and keep appointments, etc. etc., does the agency bend over backwards to accommodate visit changes almost each and every week?  Parents have a set day and time to visit their children.  Dad is in jail, with no visits, and Mom lost her job and doesn't work.  Almost every week, there is an issue with the same scheduled visit time.  The agency then calls me and presents me with alternate visit times for that week.  I have always said yes and changed my schedule for bio mom.  BUT, this week, Bio Mom decided she was going away for a long weekend.  My first little Princess had a preschool field trip, and I said no.  I was not making her miss it for bio mom's sake.  So, we picked another day.  I just think that bio mom should be held to keep her appointed time, unless it's a true need for a good reason to change it.  Parenting requires responsibility to get your child to appointments on time, school on time, etc., etc., and I think being on time and keeping visit appointments is just as important.  Whew!  Always feel better when I vent to you!
Have a blessed weekend!
The Queen Mama

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