"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27
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Monday, February 27, 2012

I said you could adopt her, but now I want her back.

At my last visit, Dad couldn't understand why the person who has his other children (well, the oldest is not his)  Peter Pan, the older sister, and Baby Boy is upset.  The Aunt has had Baby Boy for 2 years and the other two for almost a year.  He doesn't know what the big deal is because he wants them all back.  After he told her she could adopt them all.  He also told me that Big Daddy and I could visit Princess  anytime we want when he gets her back.  I just wanted to scream-"Hellooooo. We can VISIT her???!!! You can't just give and take these babies like they are dolls.  They are real and have feelings.  You can't say one day you don't want them and 6 months later decide you do.  We are the only parents this baby knows!!!! While you were missing for 6 months, we loved this baby, took care of her as our own, prayed for her, and gave her stability, a HOME!   You gave this baby away to friends!  You didn't want this baby!  You told us you wanted us to adopt her!  ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?!"   BUT, I didn't say any of those things.  All I said was.... Thank You.  I don't want him construing my words into something they are not.  I have to lean on God and even though it seems crazy, I feel he is telling me to show His love to this person even though I would rather scream and yell and run away with this baby and never see this person again.  I just pray that God sees him and his girlfriend and the situation for what it is.  Oh well, I feel better getting that out. God forgive me for my unkind thoughts!!!!!

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The Queen Mama

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