"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27
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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Nightmares during Foster Adoption

I had another nightmare last night.  I keep having nightmares that we are in the courtroom, and the judge declares that Dad can have Princess back.  I see myself screaming "NO! NO!  He can't take care of her!"  I am crying, ready to vomit, and then I wake up.
I don't want to deter anyone from adopting through foster care, but it is definitely a journey of ups and downs.  We have dealt with caseworkers who aren't fully prepared for court, leaving out key happenings in the case.  We have dealt with a very passive lawyer.  We have seen the Dad lie under oath on the stand and not be questioned by Princess's lawyer or caseworker.  We have no say.  We are never addressed in court.  We are simply told when our next court date is.  This is where our faith in God comes into play the most.  We are handing our worries over to him-I should say I try to hand them over.  It's so difficult to not worry about the fate of this little baby in our care.
On a good note-Grandparents did cancel their visit for this weekend due to weather.  At least they are being kind and thoughtful.
Take care and have a blessed day,
Queen Mama

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